The Tricep Push Up

The tricep push up is a variation of the basic push up with emphasis on the tricep. Simply stated, the difference between the tricep pushup and the basic push up is the distance between the hands. In the tricep push up, the hands are closer together than they are in a basic push up.

Most of the arm’s fat is located in the tricep area. You should consider making tricep pushups a mainstay of your routine since they will make your arms a lot less flabby than standard pushups.

Triceps muscles have three muscles and are, therefore, larger than biceps. Having strong, well-toned triceps will make your arms more muscular and bigger. The triceps are the primary muscle used in certain body functions such as throwing and punching and are hence crucial. The tricep push up can be progressively advanced into a diamond push up where the hands form a diamond shape when put together. The diamond push up is the hardest push-up variation for the triceps.

To do the tricep push up, you should lie on the floor with your face down. Spread your hands less than shoulder-width apart and raise yourself until the arms are straightened. Tighten your core and your butt to ensure your body is straight and you are not raising your butt or letting your core drop. Your elbows should be as close to your body as possible.

Go down to your starting position and repeat the movement. Do as many as you can and ensure you maintain your form. If the exercise is too difficult, you can bend your legs at the knees and perform the movement. On the contrary, if it is easy, put your legs on a raised platform and carry out the exercise.


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