The Spider Push Up

The spider push-up is an advanced variant of the basic push-up. The exercise is named aptly as it resembles Spiderman climbing a wall. It adds hip flexion and an oblique crunch to the basic push-up. It is a complex compound exercise that works the arms, chest, and the core.

It tests your balance and your agility. The spider push up should be performed by someone who is already comfortable performing the basic push up and simple variations of the push-up. Your legs will also be getting quite a workout too.

Your oblique is a vital part of your physique and often does not get the attention it deserves. The spider push up is a callisthenic exercise ideal for burning fat especially burning love handles (the fat by the side of your waist). It will get you strong and in shape quickly if done consistently.

Incorporating spider push-ups in your workout regimen will bring an added challenge and variety especially if you have hit a plateau in your training.

To perform the spider push up, get into a basic push up position. As you lower your body to perform a conventional pushup, lift one leg off the floor, bend it and move it towards your chest. Your goal should be to move the knee as close to the elbow as possible.

Take back the leg to the starting position. The movement of the leg and the lowering of the body to perform the push up are two actions that should be done at the same time and seamlessly blend into one movement.

Repeat the movement on either side until your form begins to break.


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