The Push Up Workout

An exercise does not get recommended all over the world for decades unless it works. In almost any sort of training or sport, there is, they will make use of the push-up. It is a timeless exercise rumored to be as old as the ancient Greeks.

The push up is also a calisthenics exercise that requires no equipment other than your body. The push up is a compound exercise that works on multiple areas all over the body. However, it is mostly used to strengthen the chest and arms. It is a simple yet very effective exercise.

The push up is probably the most beloved of all exercises because it has as many variations as the imagination can allow. Certain modifications can also put a lot of emphasis on different parts of the body, for example, a diamond push up will exert more stress on the triceps.

The basic push-up, however, should be done first by a beginner before moving to other variations. The push up requires great form in order to maximize results. Properly doing the push up will ensure you get stronger than you otherwise would.

Do get the form correctly; you should lift your body with your hands: the palms on the ground. Spread the hands so that they are a bit farther than shoulder width apart. Your feet can be shoulder width apart, close together or any distance in between as long as it feels comfortable.

You should tighten your core and your butt so that your body is straight and your butt does not shoot up or sag below. You should look directly in front of you and not below you so that your head is in the correct position. Repeat as much as you can until you are tired.


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