The Bicep Curl

The bicep curl is possibly the most popular weighted exercise after the bench press among gym goers. The bicep curl seeks to make the arms stronger more specifically the biceps. The biceps are the most visible of all the arms muscles and are the most aesthetically sought after muscles after the abdominals. The biceps are used in day to day functions such as lifting and carrying heavy items around the household.

The bicep curl can be performed with resistance bands, dumbbells or a barbell. It is simple but very efficient in making arms bigger and stronger.

What attracts most people to the bicep curl is that you can progressively advance to lifting hefty weights. The resistance band bicep curl is a new addition and uses the same principles of resistance as a dumbbell.

It is considered a bodyweight exercise since it does not need free weights. You can alternate hands when performing bicep curls using dumbbells or you can lift both dumbbells simultaneously.

To do the bicep curl, you have to get into the proper position. You stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand by your sides. Your elbows should be near your sides and facing forward. If you have a barbell, the bar should be down against your thighs and your hands as straightened as they can be.

For dumbbells, raise your forearm and direct the weight towards your shoulder. The bar should be curled in the same direction for a barbell. Do not let the weight fall to its initial position but resist it as gravity pulls it down.

Repeat the same movement with the dumbbell in the other hand. Repeat the movement until you are tired. Add more weight if the dumbbell or barbell is still light.


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