Mountain Climber Workout

The mountain climber exercise mimics the movement you would do if you were actually on all fours on a very steep slope on the side of a mountain. It is a very dynamic and compound exercise meaning that it works many parts of your body.

This bodyweight exercise needs no equipment. It will challenge your balance, coordination, and agility. Mountain climbers will not only strengthen your muscles, but they will increase your cardio fitness too. The exercise uses your triceps to keep your arms straight.

Your abs and your back muscles contain your hips and keep your core stable. Your quads do some work during the movement of your legs. Your gluteus is used in the extension of your hips. Your deltoids are the muscles that get worked the most. It is truly a total body exercise. You burn a lot of calories with this exercise and it is a great weight loss exercise if it is done consistently.

Having the upper part of your body static and the lower half moving provides your body with quite a challenge; one that is beneficial to you.

To do it, get into a push-up position. Your gluteus, back, neck and legs must be in a straight line. Your spine has to be relaxed and in a neutral position. After getting into position, contract your butt muscles and your abs.

Raise one foot and drive it towards your chest aiming for the elbow on the same side.

When your foot is as far forward as it possibly can go, tap it against the floor and take it back to the starting position. Repeat the same action with the opposite foot. Repeat as many movements as described. Perform as many as you can. If you lose your form, stop, take a rest and then repeat the action.


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