Belly Fat Workout – 12 Exercises That Will Get Rid of Your Mommy Tummy

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Becoming a mother is such a beautiful thing. You begin to think that for once in your life you finally know what to do with the rest of it. But why a belly fat workout? After all the hassle and preparation of being a mother, you will soon realize that you’ve gained so much weight and your belly isn’t doing anything to hide it at all. Not to mention the excess skin you really wish didn’t have to appear.

Time to get that flat belly back

There is always a solution to every great problem and a big belly isn’t something too big of a problem at all. There are plenty of ways to get that flat belly again. We’ve compiled a list of 14 exercises which specifically ensures your belly becomes flat again. Coupled with a clean and healthy diet, you’re gonna have to start writing a farewell letter to your big belly pretty soon.

For busy moms: Need to take this along and do the workouts later? Click here to download all 12 workouts including all the videos showing you how to do them correctly

Exercise 1: Burpees

Exercises for a flat belly: Exercise 1


How to do it:

  • First, start by standing with proper posture. Your feet has to be shoulder-width apart.
  • Now lower yourself until your palms are touch the ground, about shoulder-width apart. The palms have to be flat on the floor.
  • Kick both your legs backward to get into the pushup position.
  • Do one push up then quickly reverse your legs back to the squat position and perform a jump to standing position.
  • That’s 1 rep.
  • Repeat as many as you can in under 10 minutes without slouching your back or dropping the pushup form.


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