Arm Workouts With Weights: 7 Fat Burning Kettlebell Exercises

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Here are some arm workouts to do at the gym or at home with weights. You’ve had your fair share of exercises and workouts. From bodyweight exercises to bench presses, you probably think you’ve done them all. Well, I hate to break it to you but there are still quite a few alternatives to what most conventional gyms would offer. One of them is the kettlebell.

A kettlebell is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the planet. It has gained popularity in the last decade and with good reason. It’s minimalist, efficient, and complements a lot of exercises and workout routines. The wonderful thing about it is that it’s small but carries a big punch to not only strengthen you but help you burn fat as well.

Try these simple kettlebell workouts!

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 most effective kettlebell workouts you can do with just one kettlebell. There are more using two but you can still get a great, or maybe even better, workout with just one. Just be sure to start with the lightest weight possible and consult a certified expert so you won’t injure yourself during practice.

Exercise 1:

The Kettlebell Swing (Two-Hand)

As it is, most exercises involving kettlebells target a large group of muscles which you can easily say works the whole body. One of the most convenient and effective fat-burning exercise ever created is the kettlebell swing. If you’re only able to do one exercise using kettlebells then it might as well be the swing. The kettlebell is simply meant to be swung. It is both aerobic and anaerobic by nature which ensures to not only make you burn fat but also help build overall strength.

Exercise 2:

The Kettlebell Swing (One-Hand)

This variation of the kettlebell swing is a bit advanced particularly as it utilizes only one hand which therefore effectively divides easiness and doubles effort. This results to a much harder and better workout as you’re not only struggling to keep the bell in place but you’re also fighting the tendency to lean forward or in one direction when you swing up or down. The amount of muscles worked in one-hand swings are easily much more than you would have used with two-hand swings. This allows you to burn more fat and increase strength at a much more rapid rate.

Exercise 3:

The Kettlebell Goblet Squat

One of the basic exercises done with a kettlebell, it is a lot like your typical dumbbel or barbell front squat with regards to stance and movement. The only difference is the way you hold the weight. With goblet squats, you hold the horns of the bell in front of you using both hands with elbows tucked at the sides of your chest. The kettlebell has to be chest height and will remain static throughout the exercise.

Exercise 4:

The Kettlebell Clean

This exercise is a bit technical when it comes to catching the bell properly. It’s like a swing only the end point is at the rack position. The crucial thing here is in taming the arc. By that we mean instead of allowing the energy of the swing to propel the kettlebell forward, we want it to direct itself towards us without it crashing to your body. Again, it’s a bit technical and you’ll definitely hurt your forearms when you try to practice so it’s always good to start light.

Exercise 5:

The Kettlebell Press

This exercise is a lot like your usual barbell or dumbbell military press but on another level of difficulty if you’re not careful. The way the kettlebell is built means it will not make it easy for your body to stay balanced. Which makes pressing a 8 kg dumbbell easier than pressing an 8 kg kettlebell. Your muscles are resisting the urge to give in to the imbalanced tendency that the kettlebell wants to happen to you. This makes it an effective way to build upper body strength.


Exercise 6:

The Kettlebell Turkish Get-up

This is easily one of the favorites among the many kettlebell exercises you can do. This exercise is a bit complicated to master but once you do you would have found the best exercise to complement the kettlebell swing. In fact, as ballistic as the kettlebell swing is, the Turkish Get-Up wants you to move in a slow yet controlled manner, focusing your energy at keeping the kettlebell overhead and at the same time, standing up straight and back to starting position. It’s a good way to either warm-up or as an end to your fat-burning routine.

Exercise 7:

The Kettlebell Snatch

The kettlebell snatch is probably the last exercise you’ll learn among the 7. This is considered the Tzar or the king of all kettlebell exercises as it was once a way to gauge a boy’s transition into manhood way back in old time Russia. The Kettlebell snatch is like the swing but with a much larger force needed to propel the bell from behind your legs all the way up with a straight spine and a stable landing (no arm-bruising or any sort). This exercise is effective in fat burning as it utilizes your full-body’s strength to not only swing it all the way up but also to cease control of the big iron ball you’re grabbing on to.


These are just the common exercises of the kettlebell. But even if they are common, by no means are they not effective. Often times the simplest exercise is the best and these won’t get old soon. Every veteran in the field would tell you that you only need the basics to become stronger and perhaps even better than those who do complicated circuits.


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