25 Top Gifts for Runners

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We all have that one friend who seems to be always running one marathon after the other. A selfie moments before, during, and after the race, you can’t help but just stare in amazement for their love of running! It’s also no coincidence that most runners are generally nice people (okay, maybe we have a few bad apples but that’s life) as running is often a way for people to relieve themselves of stress and all the negative energy they accumulated for some time. Perhaps we ended up liking them because of their personality that running helped mold.

Gifting them something they can use when they run will surely make them love you tenfold no matter how simple your gift might be. For that we listed 25 of the best gifts you can give to your runner friends. And don’t worry about the price tag, these items won’t end up breaking your piggybank.

25. Nathan Quickshot Plus Insulated Flask


This 10-ounce, insulated bottle also has a reflective print to keep your friend safe when they go running in the dark.

24. Camden Gear Running Belt


Sometimes runners prefer to run light and others prefer to wear a small bag with them. be it car keys, phones, credit cards, or car keys, this Running Waist Pack from Camden Gear will surely fit your friend’s needs.

23. Oiselle My Homeboy Scoopneck


Cotton tees always work during easy runs. They’re not too tight or too loose. They give your friend a “comfy” way to run.

22. Sof Sole Fit


Your friend may often have blisters so it’s best you give them these socks from Sofsole. These are made from Synthetic fibers that prevent moisture buildup and reduce risk of blisters.

21. Ultimate Direction Endure


This waist pack from Ultimate Direction (no, not the alternative to One Direction) holds everything your friend will need when they run.

20. Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts


The shorts from Patagonia is lightweight and versatile as it offers a 5 inch inseam. The outer layer is made to dry quickly while the inner layer is built to resist odors. It also has four pockets. That’s right, four and it rhymes with “What are you waiting for?”

19. Soleus Dash


The Dash gets rid of the fanciness high-end watches offer but equips your friend with the basics. If not running, imagine wearing this while doing some really hot butt exercises!

18. Nike Touch Screen Gloves


Your friend has to run even when its cold outside so it’s best you give them these awesome Touch Screen gloves from Nike.

17. Garmin GPS Watch


Garmin is one of those brands of sports watches you can’t just help but endorse. The Garmin Forerunner 10 has a lot of useful applications for your friend who likes to keep track of a lot of numbers while running.

16. MedalRT Wall Hangers


If you’re friend is keen on making sure they keep track of every medal they win then you better buy them a MedalART Wall Hangers. These original designs are hand sculpted from metal and make a great piece of wall art.

15. Race Bib album


Your friend probably likes to keep their race bibs so it would be an awesome idea to gift them an actual race bib album.

14. X-Treme Armpocket i-30 Armband


This armband can carry a lot of mini equipment for your friend. Cell phones, car keys, mp3 players, and other stuff they can’t seem to hold onto during a race.

13. YakTrax Ice Grippers


Your friend likes to run when its snowing and you fear they might slip or injure themselves by running too hard on the snow? Then these Ice Grippers from YakTrax should be the perfect gift for them.

12. Melatonin pills from AstroNutrition


Your friend might be one of those who have trouble sleeping after a late run. Why not give them this jar of Melatonin pills from AstroNutrition to ease them into a natural sleep state.

11. Salomon S-Lab Light Jacket


This jacket will be your protection whether the weather gets too wet or too hot. Make sure your friend doesn’t end up sick when it rains on their run!

10. Ortholite Fusion Insoles



These insoles are more durable, more comfortable, and much more breathable which will make your friend feel extra good when they run.

09. Panther Vision Powercap


The Panther Vision Powercap features two spotlight LEDs to help your friend run in the dark or in the haze without the nuisance of a headlamp.

08. Nathan Lightspur


If you’re friend just happens to run in the same direction cars are going, it’s best to offer them a wonderful gift that can save their life. The Nathan Lightspur is small, lightweight, and you might even forget you had it with you after the race.

07. Princeton Tec Vizz



The Preston Tec Vizz is versatile and should be of great help for your friend when it comes to being seen in the dark. It has two bright LEDs, both can be dimmed, and a maxbright LED illuminates 100 yards away.

06. Racer Wall Frame


What better way to make your friend inspire themselves more than with a wall frame dedicated to their race numbers!

05. Janji Headband


This headband’s proceeds will provide up to 6 months of clean potable water for one person in Tanzania. You not only made a friend happy but also a person in Tanzania for 6 whole months!

04.  Saucony Kinvara Calf Support


Saucony’s calf support will do more than just improve your friend’s running strength. It can also give them a bit of warmth specially when they run during winter. Everyone knows you can’t run with frozen legs.

03. Camden Gear Hydration Running Belt


Where bulky water bottles don’t fit hydration belts come in. This hydration belt from Camden Gear has one advantage from its competitors and that’s the large pocket size. The pouch is large enough to fit most cell phones. Even the large beasts!

02. KT Tape PRO Elastic Therapeutic Tape


Sometimes running can take a toll on your friend’s legs. To help them with that, it’s always a good idea to provide some elastic tape specially the ones from KT TAPE. This tape is made from reinforced 100% Synthetic Fibers which cover an expanded elastic core that makes KT TAPE PRO ultra-light, durable and extra-strong.

01. Hidrate Bottles


These bottles from Hidrate can do much more than give your friend something to drink. The Hidrate bottle tracks of how much water your friend drinks by connecting to their phone. The Hidrate app recommends a customized water goal for you to reach each day and sends helpful reminders so your friend doesn’t fall off track. The bottle also glows when you fail to reach a certain drinking amount.

Whether you give one or more of the gifts we suggested, your friend is sure to love you even more and remember you when they go out for a good, long run. You might want to tag a long too and maybe try out a few of the things we listed here. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it too!


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