25 Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who likes the Outdoors

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Is your Dad adventurous? Do you often worry about if he’s going to come back in one piece when he goes out with his buddies on their little trips? He must make you worry a lot! But as they say, the older you grow, the more you want to go outside and this is specially true when it comes to dads who practically veered away from costly trips to provide for their families. But now that you’re old enough to live on your own, perhaps it’s time you give something back to dad!

For the dad who loves the great outdoors

We compiled a list of 25 items your adventurous dad would definitely want to have for Father’s Day. Don’t worry so much about the costs; they’re either affordable or worth the price specially because of the quality of each item.

1. Komodo Kamado Big Bad 32


If your dad likes to go out so much, why not buy him something he can use to cook his favorite barbecues? This is ideal for dads who often have a large number of guests on occasions and if he uses this in front of them, he’ll be impressing other dads too!

2. Running Belt By Camden Gear


This running belt is designed for the ones who like to keep their gadgets held together and dry. It also comes in red. Get 20% off

3. Sony Cyber-Shot Digital Camera RX1R


If your father is into capturing moments when he’s out and about, then this little camera from Sony will surely give him the slight advantage over those who carry big and heavy DSLRs. Compact but not deprived of capabilities, the RX1R is almost too good for those who want a cross between amateur photography and minimalism.

4. Fujinon LB150 25 × 150 ED-SX Binoculars


Looking across a great distance is a spectacular ability given to us by binocular technology. And we are almost sure your dad would want to see the wonders of nature even if he can’t possibly reach it from where he is.

5. Runners Waist Pack CG  on Amazon


So your dad likes to run out a lot. This waist pack will definitely be a great tool for him specially if he doesn’t want a bag that chafes or bounces too much. This running belt does not bounce during your run. The snug fit makes sure there is no rubbing or irritation while running.

6. Ghurka Officer’s Field Set


Your dad must always feel like the boss whenever he goes and this gift is perfect for that purpose. Having its own chair, a little bag for his select choice of wines and spirits, and it even has an umbrella! Who said being sophisticated and being fond of the great outdoors was an impossible mix?

7. 25th Anniversary Edition Matsuda 2809


Your dad probably grew up watching the first Terminator movie. If so, then this gift will be perfect for his outdoor needs as it does not only protect your dads eyes from the sun while driving but it also helps him look classy.

8. Bison + Max Sprecher Signature Straight Razor


Your dad’s gotta shave sometime and this beautiful razor will definitely make him one with nature.

9. Rapala Scatter Rap Deep & Shallow Crankbaits


Does your dad live for the thrill of fishing? Then these crankbaits from Rapala will definitely make his game better than ever.

10. Gun Slicker


So your dad likes to hunt for his meat and not go for the usual grocery setting. Well then it’s important to keep his wares from the harsh elements with this gun protector.

11. Outdoor Life jersey henleys for men


You can never be too comfy outside so it’s important that the clothes you wear will give you not just an extra layer of skin but also protection.

12. Bell & Ross BR-X1


Watches are something of a staple when it comes to a dad who wants to display a bit of authority. But for the outdoor dad, he simply wants something that can tell him time without actually breaking even if it gets wet. This is why the Bell & Ross BR-X1 is the perfect gift for those dads who just can’t avoid getting wet in the rain or crossing over rivers.

13. Mountainsmith Deluxe Cooler Cube


If your dad likes to carry refrigerated things around then this cooler box is just the right fit for his needs. Whether he’s hiking or fishing, this makes sure his items remain cold throughout his day.

14. ENO Hammock


Sometimes it pays to just sleep outside in the comforts of good hammock. I mean, why spend the rest of the day sitting on a hard chair when you can just lay down and watch the birds fly by?

15.  Mountain Khaki Alpine Utility Pants


You gotta give the guy a good pair of pants if he wants to go outside. This is tailor made for those who want a lot of things stored in their pockets. It’s actually a pretty neat organizer.

16. Camp Chef Browning Dutch Oven Set


If your dad is gunning for an old-school approach to cooking (read: camp fires) then you might want to buy him this cooking set which is designed for the great outdoors.

17. Cabela’s XPG Low Hikers


Footwear matters for dads whether they’re  at work, playing golf, or out on a hiking trip.

18. Calf Compression Sleeve By Camden Gear


These sleeves can be used both as active or recovery wear. It reduces muscle fatigue when running and helps increase blood flow to bring oxygen to recovering muscles.

19. GunSport PRO Electronic Earplugs


Shooting a lot means having to be hard of hearing after a few years of that. Which is why earplugs like this are a good Father’s Day gift to make sure they don’t lose their hearing even if they love to shoot.

20. Eddie Bauer Immersion Wading Jacket


You know what fishing dad would love? A good jacket to keep him warm and dry.

21. Gerber Legend


A utility knife will bring the hunter out of your dad so why not give him one of the finest knives ever made?

22. Tiny Boom Box


You can never really get tired of listening to music specially when you’re on the go. Whether your dad likes the 80’s or more into classical music, this boom box is portable, lightweight, and sturdy enough to hold your phone while in use.

23. Go Pro Camera


If your dad likes to go on adventures that literally require both his hands to not hold a camera, this one’as the perfect Father’s Day gift to record his epic adventures.

24. Camp Loveseat


If there was ever a time for your dad to tell you a story at camp then it’s better if you let him sit down on of these comfy chairs.

25. Coleman Lantern


This is a must for dads who have a hard time lighting their own fires without burning down half the forest.


Whether you buy your dad a simple shirt or an expensive sports watch, always remember it’s the thought that counts. Your father may love adventures and taking risks outside the comforts of home but he will always appreciate his children first no matter what gift you get him. Happy Father’s Day!

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