15 Best Gifts for Triathletes in 2017

The Best Gifts for Triathletes

  1. Untapped Maple Syrup Packets

  2. GYST BP1-15 Transition Backpack

  3. Camdengear Calf Compression Sleeves

  4. Camdengear Hydration Pack with 1.5L Backpack Water Bladder

  5. Hincapie Sportswear’s X2 Tri Top

  6. AstroNutrition Supplements

  7. OSMO Nutrition products

  8. Oiselle Podium Pajamas

  9. Giro LA DND Gloves

  10. Giro Amare Helmet

  11. Danny Shane Jersey

  12.  Pearl Izumi Attack Bib short and Jersey

  13. Zoot Z Force 2.0 WetZoot

  14. Shimano SH-R107LL

  15. Shimano R550G

Purchasing items for the right event is easy. Running equipment for races, biking gear for cycling, and swim suits for swim marathons. But what if it’s a triathlon and all three events are held in one day? In times like these it’s best to browse for the most versatile equipment out there. Specific gear works only on specific events and competition and can trump generic equipment but when it’s a triathlon, you better prepare yourself with more than a pair of shoes!

Gift the right stuff

If your friend is into extreme stuff like doing triathlons, you would do them a favor by picking a gift that exactly complements their hobby. Triathletes are among the fittest of people in the world so it goes without saying what they need as gifts from their friends would be something to help keep them fit and strong. Be sure to give them something they can use in their races and marathons.

To help you with that we made a list of the 15 best Gifts for Triathletes and don’t worry about the price tag, they’re all reasonably affordable!

15. Shimano R550G


Make sure your buddy gets the best bike when he races with these lightweight and durable Shimano pedals. It allows easy entry which is perfect for competition

14. Shimano SH-R107LL


The SH-R107 Men’s Shoes bring the power-transferring stiffness, low weight, and general feel of pro-level shoes to a price point that won’t cost your best friend one of the legs they’d like to attach them to.

13. Zoot Z Force 2.0 WetZoot


In the water, your best friend needs a suit that doesn’t hold them back. The WetZoot maximizes efficiency and pushes them  to the next level.

12. Pearl Izumi Attack Bib short and Jersey


Ergonomic, comfortable and durable — this combo has everything your buddy needs for their first cycling kit.

11. Danny Shane Jersey


DannyShane retrospective products combine classic styles from the past with modern fabric and sportswear technology. Why not give your friend both style and function?

10. Giro Amare Helmet


When the road hits your buddy’s head but luckily they’re protected by Giro’s peerless expertise, that’s the Amare II Helmet. With an EPS liner and a Thermoformed SL Roll Cage mated through the application of In-Mold Composite reinforcement technology, the Amare II maxes out on impact absorption.

09. Giro LA DND Gloves


A light layer of comfort and control, with style to match. The LA DND’s simple, slip-on design acts like a durable second skin that provides a layer of protection from abrasions and hazards while enhancing comfort and control of the bike. You know your friend will love this.

08. Oiselle Podium Pajamas


Get these super soft pajamas for your buddy’s arsenal of pre-race good luck charms.

07. OSMO Nutrition products


The new Osmo Active Hydration (for during exercise) and Acute Recovery (for after) are catered to meet the needs of a woman’s physiology, based on research done by Dr. Stacy Sims.

06. AstroNutrition Supplements


Ranked as one of the best weight loss supplements, the typical triathlete will have a surge of energy and metabolism while they compete and these supplements will help them burn more fat in the process.

05. Hincapie Sportswear’s X2 Tri Top


Comfortable, quick drying with innovative cooling technology and a convenient food storage pocket. The Hincapie X2 is also rated SPF 50, and it uses a special reflective fabric that helps deflect heat. Your friend will really love you during hot races if you get them this.

04. Camdengear Hydration Pack with 1.5L Backpack Water Bladder


This Hydration pack is the perfect bag for your triathlete friend. You want to make sure your friend doesn’t lose because of thirst and lack of equipment!

03. Camdengear Calf Compression Sleeves


This awesome compression sleeve not only helps you recover from shin splints but also prevents it from happening again! Maybe you should get your friend a pair and save them a trip to the clinic!

02. GYST BP1-15 Transition Backpack


Hands down the absolute best transition bag on the market. Use it for triathlons and in training – well worth the cost. You cannot go wrong with this awesome product.

01. UnTapped Maple Syrup Packets


Sometimes your friend would need an extra burst of energy. For that, it’s best you give them a whole box of these UnTapped Male Syrup Packets. They’ll thank you once they realize they can’t finish a race without sucking on a few.

When you have someone who literally lives for the race, giving them the right type of accessory or equipment can always be taken as a sign of good friendship that can outlast any race. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll both go on a triathlon and compete with one another and your friend will thank you for giving him these awesome gifts along the way.


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